When the German American Trade Association was founded as a nonprofit organization fifteen years ago, the German industrial and trade associations had two priorities: support for distribution and protection from liability in the United States. We have taken these requirements into account and steadily improved our services in both of these areas.
We offer advice on site selection, funding, finding agents, representatives & distributors, customs affairs, and trade fairs.
In terms of liability, we focus on the protection against product liabilitya, transfer pricing, employment, contractual risk management, and corporate governance. All of the above-mentioned topics are covered in detail under each keyword on this website.

Our support is first and foremost provided in the context of our management seminars, which are held several times a year in Europe and the U.S. We are also happy to answer any specific questions you might have by phone or email and if necessary put you in touch with specialists in U.S. matters for an individual, in-depth consultancy regarding finance, insurance, tax and visa.

The Management Seminars offered by GATA are structured as follows:
For companies considering whether to enter the U.S. market, the U.S. Entry Meetings (U.S.Entry)  cover all relevant practical aspects of this field within one day . These include – among other issues – company formation, funds, possible advantages of incorporating in Delaware, practical aspects such as bank account and sales structure, and topics in Employment Law. The U.S. Entry Meeting always takes place on the eve of the Executive Management Meeting.

With respect to corporate risk management, selected senior level managers with prior knowledge of the topics at hand are invited to attend the GATA’s Executive Management Meetings (EMM), which take place quarterly in Germany and yearly in the U.S. This is aimed exclusively at executives of the first and second level and requires prior knowledge of the issues in question. All managers that hold officer and director positions are particularly encouraged to attend. The Executive Management Meetings offer an overview of all liability topics relevant to U.S. business, including their latest developments.

Since 2017, GATA is offering a new meeting adressed to law firms and counsel advising their clients in the field of international business transactions. The LLM REFRESHER is not a comparative academic exercise. Instead, the aim of this meeting is to outline the economic content of international transactions as they have become standard today.

All lecturers have years of experience in European-American transactions. When addressing the important questions of liability, specialist lawyers from New York speak in German. All Meetings are all-day events.

We would love to hear from you and wish you all the best for your business in the United States.

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