USA-der zweitgrösste Markt der Welt, unendliche Möglichkeiten, weniger kompliziert, als Sie denken
For companies thinking about entering the US market or those who already have a US subsidiary the German American Trade Association (GATA) offers two types of management meetings with all topics of interest covered in one day.

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U.S. ENTRY MEETINGS: despite a variety of developments regarding business in North America, especially in the political arena, the US market still is and continues to be an extremely attractive environment for many, especially medium-sized companies. Business expansion is a significant step for owner-managed companies, SMEs and established industrial corporations.
Gaining entry to the U.S. market as risk-free as possible is a step that is far less complex and associated with lower investment than you would expect.
For more than 16 years we have been covering all relevant topics in a practical and compressed way in one day at our U.S. Entry Meetings to young, as well as established companies. Thus we have already arranged for numerous companies an uncomplicated entry into the U.S. market.

EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT MEETINGS: as regards liability it is an obligation for employees who hold Officer or Director positions at a U.S. subsidiary to update their specific knowledge of U.S. management at regular intervals. Inform yourself in a very concise manner about the current framework and obligations of the U.S. subsidiary during our one-day meetings.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW UPDATE: Meeting specifically designed for attorneys and in-house lawyers treating the economic content of international transactions as they have become today’s common law standard. The most practice-relevant areas are dealt with in short stages. The focus is on the USA, but most of the content is applicable on a worldwide basis.