For those companies that have already established a U.S. subsidiary, our Executive Management Meeting (EMM) offers up-to-date information about how the U.S. subsidiary can perform correctly (keyword: Corporate Governance). In addition, the EMMs help to protect the U.S. subsidiary from personal liability by adequately training its executives in the operational areas in which they will bear management responsibility. Equipped with this advice, the managers’ risk of personal liability will be considerably reduced. In addition, since the German managers will come away with knowledge of the U.S. market, the argument that the U.S. subsidiary must be a front company and the German parent company should be responsible will no longer be valid (keyword: liability penetration; Veil Piercing).

The EMMs are structured in a way that allows all relevant liability topics to be covered. Therefore, no issue remains that the managers have to worry about. Among the topics covered are product liability, transfer pricing, corporate governance, insurance, employment, and contractual risk management.
We recommend that the EMMs are attended with a certain delay after the U.S. Entry Meetings since they are based on the content of the U.S. Entry Meeting. Therefore repetitions in some areas are unavoidable.
In particular, after setting up a company in the US, all managers involved in the US business should visit the Executive Management Meetings (EMM) to be up-to-date on relevant US issues.

Detailed information can be found in the respective agenda of the seminar.

Here you have the possibility to download the newest flyer for the Executive Management Meeting:

GATA EMM Flyer GATA EMM Flyer New York