International Business Law Update

Update to the content of international business transactions

The International Business Law Update is not a comparative academic exercise. Instead, it aims to explain the economic content of international transactions as they have become standard today. In short, 15 to 30-minute stages, the ten most practice-relevant areas are covered. The current language version of international transactions follows Common Law Standard, i.e. the contracts are conclusive by themselves, local law is not being applied. Although there will be a focus of the meeting on the USA, most of the content presented is applicable worldwide.

Upcoming Events

This event will not be held in 2024. Individual webinars on this topic can be arranged. If you are interested we would like to ask you to send us an email to or use the button “Make a Reservation” to let us know about your interest without any obligation, including your preferred city and month, and we will contact you as soon as dates/locations are fixed.


08:45–09:00 Registration

09:00–09:15 Welcome, overview & introduction
• Overview & Agenda
• Brief Introduction of the Participants

09:15–09:45 Introduction
• Legal Differences
• Differences in the Approach
• Common Law vs. Civil Law
• Punitive Damages

09:45–10:30 Legal structure & venue
• Even if it is hard to acccept: no Civil Law
• Self-Contained Contracts
• Legal Structure and Venue
• A must in the US: Arbitrage

09:45–10:30 Loi & mou
• Are there any Differences?
• Does it make sense to work with it?
• Format and content
• Consequences of Binding vs. Non-binding
• Drop Dead Agreement

11:00–11:15 Coffee Break

11:15–11:45 Confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements
• Content Requirements
• Specific Exclusions in the Industry
• Duration of Commitments
• Liquidated Damages

11:45–12:15 Non-compete arrangements
• When do they apply?
• Contractual Content and Efficiency
• All-, Some-, and None-States
• Enforcement by Preliminary Injunction

12:15–12:45 Piercing the corporate veil and how to avoid it
• Myth & Reality
• Wrong Corporate Governance
• Debt-Equity-Ratio
• Questions

12:45–13:45 Lunch Break

13:45–14:30 ContractuaL risk management
• Exclusion of Consequential Damages
• The Overall Liability Cap
• The deal is The deal Language
• Time is of The Esssence Provision
• Arbitration Agreement
• Exception Language

14:30–15:15 Product LiabiLity Protection
• Technology vs. Documentation
• Failure to Warn
• Adaptation of Manuals
• Warning Labels
• Current Case Studies

15:15–15:30 Tea Break

15:30–16:00 UCC Liens
• What is it?
• How it works?
• Cost & Timing
• Practical Information

16:00–16:15 Representations & Warranties
• What it is
• Commercial Content
• Plus one Legal Aspect
• Practical Relevance

16:15–17:00 BuiLding the USA Business by risk management standards
• Liability
• Subsidiary yes / no
• What about Delaware
• The choice of Legal Form
• Piercing the Corporate Veil
• Corporate Governance

17:00–17:30 Current Problematic areas
• Mixing of GTCs & Reps
• Electronic Signature – Problem & Solution
• MoUs / LoIs that look like Contracts

17:30–17:45 Participant‘s feedback & farewell, certificates

17:45–19:30 Cocktail reception / networking / special questions

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