“We have attended the US Entry Meeting with several colleagues and found it extremely helpful. Basically all relevant topics were covered in the best quality. About a year later, after the company was founded, we then took part in the Executive Management Meeting. That was a very useful addition, otherwise you would have to obtain all the information through expensive individual advice. Especially the officers and directors of the US subsidiary have to have this knowledge at their fingertips.”

Christian Harriehausen
Kaufmännischer Leiter / Commercial Director
MT.DERM GmbH, Berlin

“Very interesting and practical seminar, professionally organized and easy to understand.
Especially as an up-date for our employees dealing with the US business.”

Ass. jur. Achim Breidenstein
Thyssen’sche Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H., Mülheim

“Since we decided to open our own subsidiary in the US we have not looked back. One of the best decisions ever. Always come to GATA once a year for the one day update at the Executive Management Meeting to keep informed in an efficient and timely manner about all developments, regulatory or otherwise. Great investment. More important than ever, given the current administration.”

Luigi Rancan
Group Legal & Risk Officer
Mikron SA, Agno, Schweiz

“The company Komptech from Austria produces composting machines at several locations in Europe. After the expanded management had visited a US Entry Meeting in 2007, the start of US sales with its own subsidiary began the following year. Despite undeniable product liability relevance, the US market quickly became the largest customer worldwide for Komptech. The contents of the U.S. Entry Meeting were important in every respect and helped to avoid initial mistakes.

In the years following its founding, the follow-up topics offered in the Executive Management Meetings (EMMs), such as transfer pricing, corporate governance or contractual risk management, became relevant. Komptech then had its management trained again at GATA, the local US managers at the American EMMs and their European counterparts at events in the Old World.”

Johannes Pohl
President & CEO of the American Komptech Subsidiary