With the participation of well-known German companies, the USA Management Meetings of our organization are already in their seventeenth year. They are continuously adapted to current developments in the USA and the recommendations of the managers from the evaluation sheets are integrated. The USA seminars are the main activities of the German American Trade Association.

Due to the different thematic content, we have divided the USA seminars into two groups, the so-called U.S. Entry Meetings (US Entry) for companies that are considering entering the market or are already delivering to the USA, but have not yet established a subsidiary there and who Executive Management meetings (EMM) for companies with existing US business.

Since the new presidency in particular, it has been important to monitor the new developments and consequences for companies in the USA with German parent companies. We strongly recommend that managers working in the USA attend the Executive Management Meetings in order to keep up to date and to be able to make adjustments to contracts if necessary.

Another new addition in 2017 is the International Business Law Update for lawyers as a practical guide and an update of what is the current standard in international, common law business transactions. This meeting also explicitly does not require an LLM. The agenda is a reflection of the contractual risk management policies of the large international corporations, which are reflected in their contract negotiations.

Or to put it another way: After the International Business Law Update, it should be easier for you to advise on international contracts because you know the expectations, terminology and content.

U.S. Entry Meetings
Executive Management Meetings
International Business Law Updates
Individual one-on-one webinars

Event dates

U.S. Entry Meetings

24.04.2024                               STUTTGART
05.06.2024                               DUSSELDORF
11.09.2024                               MUNICH

Executive Management Meetings

25.04.2024                               STUTTGART
06.06.2024                               DUSSELDORF
12.09.2024                               MUNICH

International Business Law Update

This event will not be held in 2024. Individual webinars on this topic can be arranged. If you are interested we would like to ask you to send us an email to or use the button “Make a Reservation” to let us know about your interest without any obligation, including your preferred city and month, and we will contact you as soon as dates/locations are fixed.

Individual one-on-one webinars USA

From now on we only offer individual webinars for companies, with an unlimited number of participants from your company. In our opinion, these webinars offer better opportunities to respond to your individual questions.
They are carried out by our long-term speakers using Microsoft Teams with a corresponding presentation and last 1.5-2 hours.
After registering, you can arrange the appointments directly with the speakers.
The costs are € 280.00 per topic.
Of course, different sessions can be booked if you are interested in several topics; we do not recommend summarizing them in one block.
In the following you will find the topics that we offer and the registration options.

Topics for companies that are considering entering the market but have not yet established a branch in the USA

Company formation
capitalization & amp; Taxes
Recruitment / Executive Search
Contractual aspects / sales structure and reps
Site choice vs subsidy
Marketing & amp; Sales
Product liability duties
Insurance solutions
Visa & amp; Work Permits
Human Resources & amp; further practical aspects
Introduction of cosmetic products & amp; Personal Care Products

Topics for companies with existing US business that want to protect themselves from liability through effective risk management

Introduction to liability issues
Protection against product liability
Avoidance of penetration liability
Contractual Risk Management
Corporate Governance
Representations and Warranties
Insurance solutions
Protection of purchase price claims via UCC Lien
Transfer Pricing
Data Protection/Compliance

The participants receive extensive documents as accompanying material, which enable an internal audit and the corresponding implementation in the company. This includes a so-called “Check List Risk Management”, which quantifies the respective risks and maps them using a point system. It is based on American statistics and the current case law in the respective areas. In this way, every company can carry out a practice-oriented internal audit in which the action items relevant to each topic are listed, combined with recommendations for in-house implementation (management action items).