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Thanks to the participation of renowned German companies, the GATA’s U.S. seminars are now in their sixteenth year. They are continuously adapted to keep up with current developments in the U.S. and to integrate the participants’ recommendations, which are communicated in the evaluation sheets. The U.S. seminars are the main endeavor of the German American Trade Association.

Due to distinct thematic content, we have divided the U.S. seminars two groups: the U.S. Entry Meetings (U.S. Entry) for companies that are entering into the U.S. market or are already delivering to the United States, but have not yet established a subsidiary there; and the Executive Management Meetings (EMM) for companies with existing U.S. business.

Especially since the new presidency, it is important to monitor the new developments and consequences for companies in the USA with German parent companies. We strongly recommend the US executives to attend the Executive Management Meetings to keep up to date and make adjustments to contracts if necessary.

A new addition is the International Business Law Update for lawyers and in-house counsel as a practical orientation and an update of what is the current standard in an international, common law-driven economy. This meeting does not explicitly require an LLM. The agenda is a reflection of the contractual risk management policies of the large international corporations, which are applied in their contractual negotiations.

Or, to put it differently, according to the International Business Law Update, it will be easier for you to consult in international contractual questions because you know the expectations, terminology and content.

The U.S. seminars U.S. Entry & EMM take place three times a year in Germany (in German) and once in the United States (in English), the International Business Law Update once in Cologne.

U.S. Entry Meetings
Executive Management Meetings
International Business Law Updates

Event dates

U.S. Entry Meetings

TBC                 VIENNA   Meliá Vienna / DC Tower
07.07.2021   STUTTGART   Althoff Hotel am Schloss­garten
15.09.2021   COLOGNE   Hotel Pullman
10.11.2021   MUNICH   Platzl Hotel

Executive Management Meetings

TBC                 VIENNA   Meliá Vienna / DC Tower
08.07.2021   STUTTGART   Althoff Hotel am Schloss­garten
16.09.2021   COLOGNE   Hotel Pullman
07.10.2021   NEW YORK   Harvard Club of New York
11.11.2021   MUNICH   Platzl Hotel

International Business Law Update

14.09.2021   COLOGNE   Hotel Pullman


15.04.2021   Insurance Solutions
22.04.2021   Capitalization & Taxes
29.04.2021   Product Liability Protection
06.05.2021   Visa & Work Permits / Deployment of Installation and Maintenance Teams
20.05.2021   Company Foundation

Following completion of the seminar, participants will receive accompanying materials, which allow for an internal audit and facilitate the company’s implementation of the information presented. As part of the course materials, participants will receive a so-called “Risk Management Checklist,” which quantifies the respective risks and organizes them into a point system. This list is an integral part of the Executive Management Meeting’s course documents: it assigns each subject a proportion of points based on the current case law and the statistics on liability in the United States. Based on this, any company can perform a practical internal audit, listing the relevant steps for each topic, together with recommendations for their internal implementation (Management Action Items).