Management Seminars and Liability Protection

With the participation of well-known German companies, the Executive Management Meetings (EMMs) are now in their eighth year. They are continuously adapted to reflect the latest developments in the U.S. and integrate the recommendations of the participating managers from past evaluation sheets.

The EMMs are used to protect the corporate institutions of the U.S. subsidiaries from personal liability by educating them in the areas in which they have to bear responsibility. The management’s risk of personal liability is thus significantly reduced. Furthermore, the popular arguments that German managers have no knowledge about the U.S. market, that the U.S. subsidiary was really just a shelf company, and that the German parent company should therefore step in (i.e. direct liability – ‘Veil Piercing’), become obsolete.

The EMMs are structured so that all areas relevant to liability are covered. Participants will receive a checklist called “Risk Management” in which the action items for each relevant subject are listed, together with recommendations for in-house implementation.